Agag Confident on Season Four Media Push


Formula E Holdings Ltd, the commercial rights holder of the all-electric series, is ‘extremely bullish’ about accelerating the media value and outreach in Season Four….

by Sam Smith October 9, 2017

Source: e-racing365

Photo: Formula E

FIA Formula E Championship founder and CEO Alejandro Agag says Formula E Holdings Ltd, the commercial rights holder of the all-electric series, is “extremely bullish” about accelerating the media value and outreach in Season Four.

Agag has already pinpointed expanding the Formula E audience and viewership through more investment in media for the season ahead.

“The viewership, reach of the championship, TV, online – everywhere we’ve invested a lot of money, a lot of resources,” Agag told e-racing365. “Luckily, the shareholders are extremely bullish about how the championship is going.”

Formula E will invest heavily in its TV production over the next four seasons.

Last July saw a deal struck with existing host broadcaster Aurora Media and North One in a new co-venture that will see 50 percent more trackside/pitlane cameras, 40 percent more crew on-site at each race, new-look on-screen graphics and double the on-board cameras used.

“You are going to see a lot of TV product,” Agag said. “I think the TV product is going to be strongly enhanced already in Season Four. We’ll have more cameras, new graphics.

“There’s a lot of new stuff going on and then we have some crazy ideas that we’re going to discuss with the FIA shortly.”

Formula E is set to announce a major distribution deal for its races later this month.

Season Four not a “Transition Season”

There’s no such thing as a transition season according to Agag, who thinks that Season Four is perfect for exposing Formula E to a larger global audience before a trio of major manufacturers, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes, come in to the series beginning in 2018.

“It [a transition season] doesn’t exist,” Agag said. “A win in Season Four is as valuable as a win in Season Five or Season Three.

“The thing is, because we’re so young, people make comparisons. If we had 45 seasons, you wouldn’t say that season 46 is a transition season.

“This is Season Four and it’s as big as any other season.”

Agag also believes the coming season could also see the closest-ever fight for the championship.

The first three seasons of the emerging championship were characterized by incredibly tight season finales, with each title going down to the last race, and in the first two seasons the final lap.

“The cool thing with Season Four is that the technology of the top team with this generation one car is peaking, but the followers are catching up, so it might be our closest season yet,” he said.

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