Valmet Automotive changed to fossil-free electricity

Valmet Automotive è passata all'elettricità senza combustibili fossili

Valmet Automotive signed supply contracts to use only fossil-free electricity at the Salo battery plant in Finland, Zary in Poland and Osnabrück in Germany.

This action will reduce the plants’ CO2 emissions by more than 50% while actions are continued for carbon neutrality in all three locations.

Valmet Automotive is committed to support sustainability and to meet the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. The CO2 emissions of the Uusikaupunki car plant are already reduced by 70% since 2019 and with the conversion of the power supply in Salo and Zary, all Valmet Automotive production plants have now switched to fossil-free electricity.

The Salo battery plant uses only fossil-free electricity generated by wind power in Finland. The plant is also preparing for the transition to the use of district heating produced by an eco-power plant, which will halve the CO2 emissions of heating, and the introduction of LED lighting. Further measures to reduce energy consumption are under consideration.

In Salo, the new electricity contract is a major step for Valmet Automotive towards the CO2 neutral battery production.

Sustainability is the starting point for all Valmet Automotive’s battery plants so we can support our customers’ journey to CO2 neutrality – says Jyrki Nurmi, SVP EV Systems, Valmet Automotive.

Valmet Automotive’s Roof & Kinematics business line is now using only fossil-free electricity as both Zary and Osnabrück locations are now using electricity generated by wind, solar and hydropower. Additionally, the heating energy for the Zary plant is produced from natural gas. The use of green energy has reduced the plant’s CO2 emissions by about 75% since 2020.

Valmet Automotive is among the pioneers of sustainability in Poland. Within a year, we have rapidly reduced the CO2 emissions from our production at the Zary plant, while also significantly increased the recycling rate of fabrics – says Remigiusz Grześkowiak, SVP Roof & Kinematic Systems, Valmet Automotive.

CO2 emissions from the Salo, Zary and Osnabrück locations are now reduced by utilizing renewable alternatives in electricity and energy production, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. The next major step towards CO2 neutrality in all three plants is converting the heating systems to renewable energy sources.

Source: Valmet Automotive

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