Capacity of battery packs production increased by Valmet Automotive in Salo

Valmet Automotive a Salò aumenta la capacità di produzione pacchi batteria

After less than 12 months of operation, Valmet Automotive increase the battery production capacity in Salo, to meet the needs of production volumes of battery packs.

The extension will also double the number of employees in the next few years. The construction work has already started and will be completed during the summer of 2021.

The extension project of the Salo battery plant allows constructing new larger facilities for logistics and simultaneously building a completely new production line to increase the plant volumes and the range of products to be manufactured. Valmet Automotive will also occupy a remarkable footprint of vacant office space at the Salo IoT Campus.

The production volumes of the Salo plant have recently reached record levels. The plant is operated by Valmet Automotive’s EV Systems business line, which already has manufacturing contracts with three customers, and further manufacturing contracts are in the pipeline. In addition, the EV Systems business line offers also battery engineering and testing services.

The Salo battery plant employs currently about 200 people. With the increased production in the plant, the number of employees is expected to increase to more than 400 during 2021 and 2022. In the current economic environment, this is a clear sign of Valmet Automotive’s successful entry into battery systems and the strong demand for the company’s services.

Battery systems are the most significant growth area for Valmet Automotive, and we intend to become a key player both as a battery contract manufacturer and as a Tier-1 system supplier. The Salo battery plant plays an important role in our growth plans – says Olaf Bongwald, CEO, Valmet Automotive.

Valmet Automotive estimates that its sales from battery systems and EV solutions will reach or even exceed the sales of vehicle manufacturing in the coming years. Valmet Automotive’s strategy emphasizes the importance of e-mobility in every business line.

Source: Valmet Automotive

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