New compact single speed transmission from Swindon Powertrain

Nuova trasmissione compatta a singola velocità da Swindon Powertrain

Easier to switch to electrification for individuals and niche OEMs with standalone compact single speed transmission unveiled by Swindon Powertrain.

Following the recent release of its HPD E crate motors and associated kit to electrify the classic Mini, Swindon Powertrain is now extending its electrification range with its standalone E-Transmission for EVs. In response to rising demand for proven OE specification componentry both from low volume OEMs and home enthusiasts alike, the single-speed gearbox is, contrary to many solutions on the market today, a ‘plug-and-play’ and affordable solution to purchase a transmission to work with existing electric motors.

Versatile, with two ratio options, and multiple mounting points for ease of installation, the E-Transmission is suitable for a range of vehicles from kit and classic cars through to light commercial vehicles. As a derivative of its HPD E crate motor, Swindon Powertrain can offer competitive retail pricing of just £2,500 to sectors of the market that are usually forced to pay a significant premium for new, low volume electrification components.

Swindon E-Transmission Applications

Nuova trasmissione compatta a singola velocità da Swindon PowertrainDesigned and manufactured in the UK, the E-Transmission is a simple, no nonsense solution for a wide spectrum of low volume and one-off consumers. Its designers have specified a flanged e-motor adaptor plate design, facilitating the mounting to a wide range of electric motors, not just Swindon Powertrain’s own. Standard automotive driveshaft joint flanges ensure external drive is just as simple to integrate. Internally, OE-specification helical gears offer low levels of noise, vibration and harshness. A passive lubrication system minimises complexity, cost and power losses and will perform without needing an oil pump. Mindful that reducing the mass of the gearbox improves the range and performance of the vehicle, Swindon Powertrain has sought to make the E-Transmission light, just 17.9kg and packaging the gear set to be amongst the most compact, measuring just 250mm x 384mm x 228mm.

Since launching the HPD E Powertrain products, we have been inundated with customer enquiries from all four corners of the globe and with each enquiry we gain further insight in to the needs and requirements of the end consumer – says Gérry Hughes, commercial director, Swindon Powertrain. Adding the E-Transmission to our expanding range of electrification products designed and manufactured by Swindon Powertrain provides our customers with the ultimate flexibility when it comes to converting or building their EV. They can buy an entire system or select just the parts they need. This is more affordable, proven and simple to integrate, accelerating the shift to electrification.

The E-Transmission can be ordered by retail customers now via the Swindon Powertrain website, can be shipped globally, with deliveries scheduled for January 2021.

Technical specification

Max. Input Torque (Nm):                                         204

Max. Motor Speed (rpm):                                        10,500

Differential Type:                                                     Standard/Open

Oil Capacity (l):                                                        0.75

Installation Angle (degs):                                        15.0 Max

Transmission Ratio Options:                                   11.508 or 6.332

Max. Nominal Output Torque (Nm):                         2348 or 1292

Max. Nominal Output Speed (rpm):                         912 or 1658

Transmission Assembly Dimensions (mm):             250 x 384 x 228

Transmission Assembly Mass (kg):                         17.9

Source: Swindon Powertrain

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