New eBeam technology for rear axle electrification from Magna

Nuova tecnologia eBeam per l'elettrificazione dell'assale posteriore di Magna

The new technology Magna eBeam accelerate the truck electrification thanks to its ability to retain pickup truck capability.

In this way Magna continues to accelerate its powertrain electrification capabilities to help automakers achieve a zero-emission future.

Magna’s new eBeam technology is scalable and gives automakers the ability to electrify their trucks without sacrificing utility and functionality. eBeam integrates with a battery electric or hybrid powertrain system and offers a structure-oriented design to support high-payload vehicles, with matching power for continuous-duty usage.

eBeam technology is a game-changer for pickup truck electrification

Designed specifically to transition pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles to hybrid or full battery electric powertrain systems, eBeam integrates with existing truck architectures, without requiring unique suspension, chassis or brake systems. This approach presents an economical solution that helps bring new electrified trucks to market more quickly, while also preserving towing and payload capabilities.

It is a bold endeavor to electrify pickup trucks, whose owners demand the towing and hauling capabilities they are currently used to, and we’ve accomplished it with our eBeam technology – said Tom Rucker, President, Magna Powertrain. We know axles are core elements of a truck’s strength, and we are excited to have developed the first significant improvement to the solid beam axle in over 100 years.

With power ranges between 120 kW and 250 kW, automakers can choose from three variants within Magna’s eBeam family:

  • Single motor, single speed
  • Single motor, two speeds, or
  • Twin motor, single speed including torque vectoring.

To support electric four-wheel drive, Magna also offers several complete powertrain solutions incorporating an electric drive system at the front of the truck, including advanced software and controls for seamless integration.

Source: Magna

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