Motorcycle breakthrough for Tazzari EV with the purchase of Italian Volt

Tazzari EV acquista Italian Volt

Italian company Tazzari EV from Imola takes a step forward towards interest in electric two wheels, with the stratetgic purchase of the assets of Italian Volt.

Tazzari EV acquista Italian VoltIn this way, a new Italian brand of electric motorcycles enters the Motor Valley, with Italian Volt, specialized in the development of innovative two-wheeled electric vehicles.

Lacama (“La Camaleontica”) is the symbolic electric motorcycle of Italian Volt, characterized by infinite customization possibilities to make each electric motorcycle a truly unique piece.

Erik Tazzari, Tazzari Group President and Tazzari EV Founder declared:

We have completed the transfer of Italian Volt’s corporate assets to the Tazzari plants in Imola, where the Tazzari Zero electric city cars and related technologies have been developed and produced for years, which Tazzari EV sells all over the world.

Thanks to this acquisition, Tazzari Group expands its range of electric vehicles, entering the two-wheeler sector and bringing new products to the Italian Motor Valley with high technological content and zero emissions.

Tazzari EV acquista Italian Volt
Erik Tazzari

I would like to thank the founders of Italian Volt, who, starting from an incredible trip by electric motorcycle from Shanghai to Milan with over 13,000 kilometers and related “Guinness World Record”, have developed this visionary and futuristic electric motorcycle project with great passion.

I recognized in the concept unique contents and innovative ideas, it will be our aim to bring the “Italian Volt” Brand and the “Lacama” project to the next stage of final development, approval and production.

We will use our skills consolidated in 15 years as pioneers in the Electric Vehicles sector and the experience as co-designer and manufacturer of ultra-light aluminum frames and parts in the Automotive and Motorcycle sectors. 

Source: Tazzari EV

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