Tachyon Speed: handmade electric hypercar

Tachyon Speed

The California company RAESR (Rice Advanced Engineering Systems & Research) has designed and built the hypercar Tachyon Speed, equipped with special technologies.

Tachyon SpeedTachyon Speed ​​is only 40.5 “(1028.7 mm) heigh and 81” (2057.4 mm) wide, equipped with 6 electric motors capable of delivering a power of 1200 HP, with double-hinged front and rear doors and a jet-fighter style canopy.

The Tachyon Speed ​​is an electric hypercar developed from scratch for maximum performance on road and track.

New generation EV technology

Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research (RAESR) is a high-end automotive design and technology startup dedicated to creating an exclusive number of hand-built electric and hybrid-electric hypercars.

Tachyon SpeedTachyon Speed ​​is the result of many years of research and development on high-performance electric propulsion systems, state-of-the-art prototyping processes and several studies of energy storage systems.

The design and design work of Tachyon Speed ​​started in southern California in the summer of 2012 with the mission of bringing to reality a new generation electric hypercar, meticulously designed and built with the aim of producing a new class of cars that presents unprecedented driving experience in conventional formats of internal combustion engines (ICE).

The car was born from a modular design philosophy that facilitates customization and allows the creation of new platforms based on advanced systems.

RAESR makes available on request the Powertrain and the batteries inspired by the RAWR Tachyon Speed, also providing design and prototyping services on request.

Technical specifications

Tubular frame in chrome molybdenum (chromoly)

Kevlar interior

Weight and size:

Height: 40.5 “- 1028.7 mm

Tachyon SpeedWidth: 80.5 “- 2044.7 mm

Length: 195 “- 4953 mm

Dry weight: 2950 LBS – 1338.10 Kg

Performance expected

0-60 mph: under 3.0 sec

0-120 mph: under 7.0 sec

1/4 miles: under 10.0 sec

Maximum speed: Over 240mph – 360km/h

Lateral acceleration: low speed: 1.25GS

high speed: over 2GS

Powertrain: 6 direct drive motors, power of 1250 HP, torque of 365 Lbs / Ft (495 Nm)

Pre-impregnated carbon fiber bodywork

Brakes in ABS and carboceramic

Rear aerodynamic wings adjustables by the driver

four non-adjustable front spoilers

Front splitter and rear diffuser

Cx: 0.39

Frontal area: 17.75 SqFt (1.65 square meters)

Downforce at 150 mph: 400 lbs (181.437 kg) in basic downforce setting

Over 1000 lbs (453.592 kg) in high downforce setting

Adjustable traction control

In-house body parts made with 3D printer in aerospace and nylon polycarbonate

Batteries: 532 Volt DC, 2650 Amp

Peak power: 1 MW

Range in the city: over 150 miles (over 240 km)

Height from the ground variable by the driver, with road and track modes (minimum 1.5 “- 3.81 cm)


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