Renault opens full-electric vehicle concept store in central Berlin

2018 - Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Center de Berlin

Renault has opened a new Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Centre in Berlin, Germany, as it continues to expand its network of urban concept stores. The first EV Experience Centre opened in February in Stockholm to showcase electric motoring to the public.

2018 - Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Center de BerlinThis new concept store, which is unique in Germany, is a partnership with local distributor Renault Autohaus König. It is located in Berlin’s historic city centre near the Gendarmenmarkt square. The aim of the store is to engage with customers and answer frequently-asked questions about electric cars, while promoting the benefits of driving such vehicles. Visitors can enjoy a physical and digital experience providing information about the brand’s range of electric cars, charging infrastructure and charging systems, local legislation and subsidies, conditions of purchase and EV-related services. Customers will also be able to test-drive an electric car and place 2018 - Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Center de Berlinan order at the store.

More and more motorists are taking a close interest in electric vehicles but they still know little about them – observes Gilles Normand, SVP Electric Vehicles Business – Groupe Renault. As Europe’s most successful EV brand to-date, Renault’s objective is consequently to go out and meet these customers, address their questions and ease the switch for those who decide to make the step to an electric life.

2018 - Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Center de BerlinThe Berlin concept store operates in the same way as the popular Stockholm outlet which attracted more than 14,000 visitors in the first three months. This innovative distribution channel with a largely educational remit in city locations (city centres, shopping malls, etc.) is proving to be a huge success, underscoring the benefits of electric cars in urban environments. Renault is considering opening EV concept stores in other European cities.

Key figures

2018 - Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Center de Berlin– Renault: Europe’s number one electric vehicle brand for the fourth year in a row.

– Currently, one electric car sold in every five is a Renault.

– 170,000 customers own a Renault electric car.

– ZOE is the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe.

– Kangoo Z.E. is Europe’s leading electric van.

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