Renault reached 200.000 electric vehicles sold in Europe

Renault veicoli elettrici Europa

Since the launch of electric vehicles range in 2011, Renault reached the 200,000 electric vehicles sold in Europe, 100.00 of that in the French market, the fourth biggest global market.

This double achievement underlines Renault’s position as leader in the European electric vehicle market, with steady growth in sales.

Almost one electric vehicle in every three sold in Europe is a Renault

A pioneer in electric vehicles with a range launched in 2011, Renault continues to lead the European electric vehicle market for the fourth consecutive year. Almost one electric vehicle in every three on European roads is a Renault. In 2018, Renault sales of electric vehicles in Europe surged by 36%, accelerating Renault veicoli elettrici Europastrongly in the second half-year to + 62%. In France, Renault holds a 56.8% share of the electric vehicle market, in both passenger cars and LCVs.

Today, we are proud to say that over 200,000 customers in Europe have chosen Renault to make electric driving part of their everyday lives! And of course this is just a step on a far longer journey. Our clearly stated aim for the past ten years has been to make electric mobility available to everybody. Groupe Renault’s ambition is for electric vehicles to account for 10% of sales by 2022. To achieve this, it will build on the eight electric vehicles that will make up the range by this date – says Gilles Normand, Senior Vice President, Electric Vehicles, Group Renault.

A complete, versatile range

The reasons for this success? The most complete, versatile electric range on the market, made up of ZOE, Kangoo Z.E., Master Z.E. and the Twizy quadricycle.

The range receives continuous upgrades with, for example, increased range, more powerful motors or faster charging. It is built around two best-sellers: the city car ZOE and the Kangoo Z.E. van. ZOE remains the undisputed standard-setter on the market with 40,000 registrations last year, of which 18,000 in France. Building on six years of market success, it continues to appeal to buyers with an attractive design and a real range of 300 kilometers*.

Kangoo Z.E. is Europe’s undisputed leader in electric LCV sales, with market share of 51.5% in 2018.
Electric vehicles built in France

In June 2018, Groupe Renault announced plans to invest over one billion euros in France, now a center of excellence for electric vehicles within the Alliance. By 2022, the Group plans to:

  • introduce a new Alliance electric platform at Douai to create a second Renault electric vehicle production site
  • double ZOE production capacity and launch new ZOE at Flins, the only ZOE production site in the world
  • triple electric motor production capacities at Cleon and introduce a new-generation electric motor from 2021
  • Invest in Maubeuge for the production of the next generation of the Kangoo family, including the electric LCV Kangoo Z.E.

Sales of ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. in 2018

   Europe France


39,448 units

 (18.2% of the electric passenger car market)

18,011 units

(54.9% of the electric passenger car market)



8,747 units

(40.9% of the electric LCV market)

4,176 units

(51.5% of the electric LCV market)

To find out more about Groupe Renault’s electric strategy:
* over a WLTP homologation cycle

Source: Renault

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