Report of two weeks in electric camper

Nissan e-NV200 camper elettrico

The President of Leaf France Cafe, Sèbastien Gall, told Electric Motor News his experience of two weeks in electric camper and we publish it with pleasure

By Sèbastien Gall

President Leaf France Cafe

Lyon, France. 26 August 2017.

Hello Marcelo,

Today is the last part of our trip.

Nissan e-NV200 camper elettricoI’m the president of the Leaf France Cafe and Nissan called me in July. They gave me for two weeks their e-NV200 camper.

So my idea was to make a trip with the electric camper van during my holidays and meet the members of my club.

The “Leaf France Cafe electric tour” was born!

We left Lyon on 19th August and we are coming back home today after more than 1.300km.

Nissan e-NV200 camper elettricoWe slept 4 times in campings in the van, 2 times at LFC’s members home and the last night in an hotel (we were very tired cause the camper’s van is very small for two persons: about 1m width).

The fridge worked very well with the solar panel (a battery is under the driver’s seat).

And our children had a lot of fun sleeping on the roof.

I was surprised by the good average of 14/15 kWh/100km. I was able to make a 150km range in good conditions.

Cordialment, Sébastien GALL

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