The eCharge4Drivers project to demonstrate consumers EV charging infrastructure

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The eCharge4Drivers project is part of the Low Carbon Green Vehicles program ‘User centric charging infrastructure’ and ABB will collaborate on it.

Along with 31 other stakeholders, ABB will collaborate with eCharge4Drivers to conduct demonstrations across key EU cities to understand consumers’ perspective on EV charging infrastructure.

A European Commission initiative which invites and supports consortia to develop smarter and more convenient electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, eCharge4Drivers has been developed to accelerate the shift towards electrified and sustainable mobility.

While sales of electric vehicles in Europe have been on the rise, with Europe representing the second largest market for EV sales in 2019 at 561,000 units[1], drivers often face problems with limited charging options and other qualitative requirements that could potentially discourage mass adoption.

Multiple studies show that increasing accessibility to appropriate charging infrastructure and marketing the benefits of electric mobility are key enablers to broadening the EV customer pool.

Based on the outcome of surveys conducted under the EC’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, the eCharge4Drivers project will start to investigate in more detail users’ perceptions and expectations on various charging and mobility options and parking habits across the EU. This will inform the subsequent design and development of relevant solutions in improved chargers and convenient services.

The project brings together 32 of the most important e-mobility organizations in the region, including ABB alongside companies such as Robert Bosch, BMW, Volvo, Fiat plus a number of leading European educational institutions. The initiative has a budget of €18.8 million with pilot demonstrations due to start in the second half of 2021.

eCharge4Drivers will develop and demonstrate pilot projects in 10 regions across Europe, including metropolitan areas and Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) corridors, with ABB supplying multiple chargers for use in the majority of the pilot areas. The pilots create the opportunity to develop and test new technologies which improve the charging experience, delighting drivers with advancements that are not otherwise available with ICE vehicles.

ABB will develop easy-to-use, scalable EV chargers for the demonstration with new functionalities such as large digital displays with customizable, user-friendly interfaces. The modular chargers can be expanded according to usage and will be carried across demo sites in containers. The chargers will feature ABB’s Dynamic DC sharing technology, which supports power sharing across multiple charging points, enabling high power charging for high performance vehicles as needed.

The charging stations and all other peripheral equipment will support the ISO 15118 Plug & Charge features, creating a standardized ecosystem for the transfer of information and enabling interoperability to increase the usability and efficiency of the chargers. The chargers will have a site power manager and all energy measurements will be in accordance with the European Measurement Instruments Directive (MID). Users will have several payment options, including credit cards and smartphones.

[1] Global EV Outlook 2020

Source: ABB

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