Partnership for batteries between Podium and Molicel

Partnership per le batterie tra Podium e Molicel

Podium Advanced Technologies and Molicel announced a new multi-year strategic collaboration aimed at revolutionizing high-performance battery systems.

The collaboration will bring together Molicel’s cutting-edge, power-optimized cell technology with Podium Advanced Technologies’ unmatched expertise in advanced battery design and control systems. Together, these industry leaders will push the boundaries of innovation, paving the way for the next generation of energy solutions in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

As part of this collaboration project, Molicel will ensure the cells are perfectly tailored for their applications, provide cell samples and critical data for seamless integration into innovative battery systems, and offer top-tier technical support, while Podium Advanced Technologies will support cell development with detailed application data and insights, lead the design of battery packs utilizing Molicel’s advanced cells ensuring state-of-the-art battery packs to end users.

We have created a mutually dependent and mutually supportive partnership with Podium Advanced Technologies to leverage on each other’s strengths.  We are ecstatic to find a partner who shares the same vision on innovation.  Together we can be on the forefront of high-performance energy innovation – said Casey Shiue, President of E-One Moli Energy (Molicel).

After successful collaboration in the last 4 years partnering with Molicel opens up a world of possibilities for us. By combining our strengths, we believe we can tackle the most demanding engineering challenges and unlock new opportunities across various industries. We are excited to embark on this journey with Molicel: this collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of excellence and innovation. Podium Advanced Technologies and Molicel are poised to redefine the standards of high-performance energy solutions, driving the future of automotive and aerospace advancements – said Francesco Monti, CEO of Podium Advanced Technologies.

Source: Podium Advanced Technologies

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