World Premiere for the New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid at the 2020 Brussels Auto Show

Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid

From 10th to 19th January 2020 will Open the 98th edition of the Brussels Motor Show and Citroën will display the C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid model.

The SUV is a true ë-Comfort Class Silent Urban Vehicle offering a range of 50 kmi in 100% electric mode. Complete the electrified vehicles display, the Ami One Concept, a breakthrough object with a unique character, 2 seats, 100% electric, that puts digital technology at the heart of a new experience of urban mobility, for greater freedom and serenity, to meet the new challenges of mobility in the city.

World Premiere for the New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid

For 100 years, Citroën has made automobile accessible to all. In 2020, Citroën will make electric automobile available to all.

New C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid, the ë-Comfort Class plug-in hybrid Silent Urban Vehicle, marking the transition to an extended range which, in addition to high-performance internal combustion engines, will be enhanced from 2020 with 100% electric and plug-in hybrid offers. In 2020, Citroën will make low emission vehicles accessible to all through 6 electrified nameplates within the range. All the new models launched by the Brand will feature an electrified version, a reflection of Citroën’s commitment to a responsible energy transition that aims to propose offers inspired by customer uses to as many users as possible, in the core market, suited to the uses of everyone, in each of the segments and on each market.

Already a reference in terms of comfort with in particular its suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, its Advanced Comfort seats and its 20 driving assistance technologies, C5 Aircross SUV enters yet another new phase in the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme with this plug-in hybrid offering:

  • Uncompromising: an inspired by customers’ uses driving, zero CO2 emissions on a daily basis in 100% electric mode (50 kmi range) and unlimited range for long trips thanks to the petrol engine.
  • Silence: a calm and peaceful journey in electric mode in this Silent Urban Vehicle, in a subdued atmosphere without noise, jolts or vibrations.
  • High-end driving experience: electrifying performance thanks to the combination of a PureTech 180 petrol engine, an 80 kW electric engine and an ë-EAT8 automatic gearbox, delivering 225 hp of accumulated power and instantly available torque of 320 Nm.
  • Intuitive: a complete ecosystem, intuitive and user-friendly, including automatic control of driving modes, easy charging and a dedicated smart services portal.

 With its outstanding modularity, New C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid is the most modular SUV on its market: 3 individual rear seats, sliding, tilting and foldable, Best in Class cargo volume from 460 L to 600 L.

Offering a range of 50 kmi in electric mode, CO2 emissions of 39 g/kmi and consumption of 1.7 L/100 km in WLTP cycle, New C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid represents a new phase in Citroën’s energy transition strategy as it offers a plug-in hybrid engine combining competitive technology and cost of use.

New C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid is produced in France at the Rennes – La Janais plant, alongside more than 100,000 internal combustion versions already sold. The first deliveries will take place at the end of the first half of 2020. The C5 Aircross SUV plug-in hybrid version, already available to order, is Citroën’s first plug-in hybrid model of the Core Model Strategy, which by 2025 will lead to 100% of the range having an electrified version, with a new electrified offer every year.

Citroën’s extended electric mobility offers meet the expectations of individual and professional customers seeking virtuous mobility and controlled use cost.

Ami One Concept

With Ami One Concept, Citroën shows its vision of urban mobility, responding to new uses and the challenge of the energy transition. A trendy and protective breakthrough object, ultra-compact, 100% electric, it allows 2 people to move around freely in town. Ami One Concept puts digital technology at the heart of a more affordable, easy and serene mobility experience. Accessible to all (no driving licence), adapted to everyone (“à la carte” experience from 5 minutes to 5 years), managed via a dedicated mobile application, Ami One Concept will be on display at the Citroën stand.

Here you can see the video of the stand

Source: Citroën

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