Modis connect the job with the electric vehicles world

Modis Formula E

The electric vehicle finally gets the green light and Electric cars are ready to change the world with a silent revolution. In the new landscape of electric vehicles, businesses must move rapidly to outperform and Modis Formula Ebe competitive and Modis connects IT specialists, engineers and life sciences experts to the opportunities they need to succeed today and tomorrow.

This connectivity and their global reach offer their customers unrivalled levels of access to the global market and for this reason Modis choice Formula E as a platform to show the own capacity to contact these two worlds.

It’s hard to believe that the first battery-powered cars went into production 134 years ago and just now they gets the green light. Has it really taken that long for us to finally fall in love with the electric vehicle?

Modis Formula EEnormous global investment in the technology is on the horizon, and along with it will come an almighty shake up for business and industry.  The electric vehicle revolution has truly begun.

The electric vehicle juggernaut is unstoppable – check out three big stats

  • Britain will ban petrol and diesel auto sales by 2040
  • Norway plans to ban internal combustion engines (ICEs) by 2025
  • China aims to ban the ICEs by 2030

And two indicators that electric vehicles will transform the job market

  • 25,000 new jobs will be created by 2030 because of hybridisation – a growth rate of 22%
  • Volkswagen will spend $60bn on battery production and believes the auto sector will need to build 40 vast battery factories by 2025

A big new playing field: e-mobility

Modis Formula EThe electric car is only part of a much wider transformation – the move towards e-mobility.

This brings together mobility, energy, services and IT, and it will create not only new jobs but entirely new sectors, business models and services – possibly the biggest changes to the industry since Henry Ford opened his moving assembly line for the Ford Model T over 100 years ago.

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