Microlino is ready to test drives and production start

Omologazione Microlino

Microlino has passed the last tests for the EU homologation. This is a huge step, because it means that from now on every Microlino that isproduced is street legal all over Europe.

The automaker got amazing results from the range testing and even outperformed also their calculations. For the small battery (8kWh) Microlino reached 126 km during the road testing and for the big one (14.4kWh) it reached 202 km.

The automaker apologize for the delays that occured since the start of the project and they are thanksfull with all the people interested that have been patient and supported them on all ends.

The reasons for the delays was that due to the special form of the Microlino and the front door the homologation took more time than company management expected. Additionally, they wanted to get the people’s feedback first, before start production.

Below you can see the  adjusted project timeline from the very begining to the start of production explained by the same automaker:

We will have the first homologated Microlinos by the end of September 2018. Soon after that you will get the chance to test drive the Microlino and give us your feedback. Together with our findings we will then implement the feedback into a final version. Production will start in December 2018 and therefore the first deliveries in Switzerland soon after. From there on, we will expand step by step into other countries as well.

About people that reserved it…

Omologazione MicrolinoThe automaker comunicate to the customers sayinig:

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget you! A couple of months before the start of production we will launch our new webpage where you can configurate your own Microlino and place the downpayment. Keep in mind that your position on the reservation list is only fixed once you have made the downpayment. We will of course inform you in advance when the new webpage goes online.

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