Hi Phi road test, the top level electric car made in China

Guida su strada della Hi Phi, l'auto elettrica di alto livello made in China

Marco Loglio drove the top class electric car made in China named Hi Phi and we report his experience behind the wheel of the Chinese luxury car.

Road test of the Hi Phi , the most luxury and expensive Ev made in China

With a lenght of 520 cm, width of 206 cm, seats with gentle back massage for 6 persons, gull wing rear doors, 4 steering wheels, all the possible internet connections and on board gadgets; the Hi Phi position itself as the most luxury and expensive electric car made in China.

Guida su strada della Hi Phi, l'auto elettrica di alto livello made in ChinaI had the opportunity to drive this supercar on the roads of Shenzhen, the most high tech city in the world in the field of the connected electric vehicles.

My impression was of a great driving pleasure and relax , space inside the car is huge and it is easy to find the perfect regulation of the driver posture road vision and car control.

Accelleration is smooth and powerful even is not a car that is made for racing , but mostly to enjoy a refined feeling of technology and luxury.

It has been sought for the typical Chinese family , but i think it could be very successful also in the oversea market, as it could find estimators for his luxury and family oriented style.

The only uncertain point is that Hi Phi will compete in Europe and USA with well established brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi. Will people invest the equivalent of 100.000 Euro for this new Chinese EV Brand?

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