FINN could purchase for their sustainable fleet, 12.600 Sion from Sono Motors

FINN potrebbe acquistare per la sua flotta sostenibile, 12.600 Sion da Sono Motors

The Munich-based car subscription platform FINN signed a letter of intent with Sono Motors, aiming to solidify their cooperation and purchase 12,600 Sion.

FINN was one of Sono Motors’ first B2B reservation holders. Following its initial, non-binding reservation of 5,500 Sion in 2020, FINN now intends to reserve and purchase a total of 12,600 Sion, to create a sustainable fleet and drive forward the company’s environmental goals.

Sono Motors and FINN seek to reach a final agreement regarding their cooperation in 2023.

FINN potrebbe acquistare per la sua flotta sostenibile, 12.600 Sion da Sono MotorsThe aim of the cooperation is to provide cars to FINN to enlarge the sustainability of their fleet. Start of production for the Sion is planned for the second half of 2023 and Sono Motors plans to deliver 100 Sion for FINN’s fleet in 2024. A further 2,500 vehicles are planned to be delivered thereafter per year, until the total of 12,600 is reached. FINN plans to use those Sion for their service in Germany.

FINN is a Munich-based flexible car subscription platform, operating in the U.S. and Germany. With already 30 percent of the whole fleet being electric cars, the company is looking to further diversify its range and to make mobility more climate friendly.

On top, Sono Motors reported more than 20,000 direct consumer reservations (B2C) as of 1 September 2022, with an average down-payment of about €2,000 net. At an expected net sales price point of just €25,126 – the Sion has the potential to become the world’s first Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) for the masses.

To reduce the waiting period until the Sion will be delivered and to already ensure a more sustainable mobility, FINN is offering all customers who pre-ordered the Sion a unique discount of 500 Euro for a car subscription on their platform.

Source: Sono Motors

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