Public debut at Concours of Elegance of Everrati electrified GT40 model

Debutto pubblico al Concours of Elegance del modello GT40 elettrificato da Everrati

Everrati electric GT40 model, created in partnership with Superformance, makes its public debut within the Bridge of Weir Leather enclosure at Concours of Elegance.

Prestigious automotive gathering taking place on the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, London, from 2-4 September.

Having recently revealed the full technical details of the high-performance, zero-emission vehicle, Everrati’s GT40 sees automotive OEM-level development processes and technology allied to the latest state-of-the-art electric motors and batteries to both enhance and preserve the legacy of the legendary racer. 

Debutto pubblico al Concours of Elegance del modello GT40 elettrificato da EverratiThe GT40 house Everrati’s proprietary EV powertrain, generating up to 800bhp and 800Nm of torque, coupled with a power-dense 62.5kWh lithium-ion battery to deliver intense acceleration, surging to 62mph in well under four seconds and on to a top speed of more than 125mph.

The GT40’s leather interior has been developed in partnership with Bridge of Weir Leather – global leader in sustainability, innovation, and responsible leather production – using the brand’s unique lightweight leather for enhanced weight saving, whilst also being the world’s lowest carbon-intense leather.

As the world’s only GT40 EV listed in the official Shelby Registry, thanks to the exacting engineering expertise applied to every facet of the project’s development – in partnership with Superformance –Everrati’s GT40 has earned its place among the hand-picked group of world-class automobiles present at Concours of Elegance for 2022.

Source: Everrati

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