Collaboration Saietta and EAV for inner-city mobility solutions

Collaborazione Saietta ed EAV per soluzioni di mobilità in città

Saietta become exclusive supplier of advanced in-wheel traction motors to Electric Assisted Vehicles (EAV) with Lightweight Inner-City Solution (LINCS) vehicle.

Lightweight, compact, highly efficient and delivering high torque density at low-voltage, Saietta’s Axial Flux Technology (AFT) electric motors are the ideal fit for in-wheel designs and applications.

The AFT 140 electric motor has been designed to be a mass-producible and cost-effective solution for in-wheel architectures.

The partnership with EAV further underscores Saietta’s belief that in-wheel motor technology is the ideal fit for last mile e-commerce delivery vehicles, refuse collection and autonomous people carriers.

The Saietta and EAV collaboration aims to accelerate the widespread adoption of e-mobility solutions within inner city areas and congested town centres, in the process reducing harmful pollutants and emissions.

The collaboration will first centre on EAV’s Lightweight Inner-City Solution (LINCS) vehicle, which incorporates a modular lightweight skateboard-style platform intended to be an emissions free alternative to the traditional transit van in urban environments.

By electrifying this type of important commercial transportation first, delivery operations in congested, built-up areas will transform into zero-emission networks that also realize a huge reduction in noise pollution.

True in-wheel benefits

EAV approached Saietta to be part of the LINCS architecture and prototype development phase having seen the clear potential of the high-tech Axial Flux Technology (AFT) electric motors when applied as in-wheel traction applications.

Smart mobility platform manufacturers typically position electric motors outboard but not in-wheel. However, the circular ‘pancake’ shape of Saietta’s AFT motors is an ideal fit to achieve a fully in-wheel design. The AFT 140 motors have been engineered to deliver the power and torque required at low-voltage, making them a significantly safer solution than using high-voltage alternatives.

Earlier this year, Saietta demonstrated the potential of its AFT technology as an in-wheel motor application by developing its own smart mobility platform. Located at the four corners of a platform, the AFT in-wheel electric motors provide excellent manoeuvrability, flexibility, modularity and four-wheel drive capability. The Saietta technology is also effective at regenerative braking, which puts energy back into the battery pack, thereby extending the range on a single charge.

Source: Saietta Group

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