New battery development patents by Wildcat Discovery Technologies

Wildcar Discovery Technologies

Wildcat Discovery Technologies expands their electrolyte additive technologies available for license increasing lithium-ion cycle life, coulombic efficiency and thermal stability.

Wildcat Discovery Technologies, a technology company using high throughput methods to develop improved battery materials, announced a grant of two new US patents for the discovery of novel electrolyte additives that enable superior cycle life for lithium ion batteries operated at high voltage.

Wildcat’s new patents cover two families of novel electrolyte additives that improve cycle life in high nickel NMC cells with graphite anodes operated at voltages above 4.2V. Importantly, there is no associated reduction in initial capacity or coulombic efficiency.  The additives expand Wildcat’s growing portfolio of electrolyte technologies designed to enable the use of high energy cathode and anode materials. As done previously, Wildcat will sell licenses for the rights to make and sell these novel new technologies.

Wildcat validated the performance benefits of these new electrolyte compositions with a variety of NCM cell chemistries and voltages, including NCM442, NCM523, and NCM622 up to 4.4V.  Both room temperature and high temperature cycle life results were improved in all cases.

Mark Gresser, Wildcat’s CEO, added:

Electrolyte development remains a large part of our business and the project focus for roughly half of our corporate partners. Electrolytes are a nice fit for high throughput exploration.

Wildcat has over 4,000 electrolyte additives in inventory and all are categorized by functional group. This enables Wildcat scientists to rapidly identify new optimized electrolyte formulations that are tailored to solve specific customer problems.

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