BRABUS upgrade the Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC

BRABUS Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC

German company BRABUS unveiled the refinement concept of Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC with a performance upgrade for the electric powertrain to 310 kW.

Using the many years of expertise of its ZERO EMISSION business division, BRABUS developed an exclusive refinement concept for this compact crossover. BRABUS symbolizes the hi-tech character of this new mobility generation with a special design on the bodywork of the concept car.

BRABUS Mercedes EQC 400 4MATICBRABUS development engineers devised a performance upgrade for the electric powertrain of the EQC, which delivers even more agile driving dynamics.

The BRABUS E-PowerXtra performance upgrade increases the output to 310 kW / 422 hp (416 bhp) and bumps peak torque to 830 Nm (612 lb-ft). As a result, the five-door delivers even sportier performance: From rest, the enhanced electric SUV sprints to a speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.9 seconds.

While the aerodynamic-enhancement kit with the exception of the already available rear spoiler is still under development, the looks of the electrically powered SUV can already be upgraded with tailor-made BRABUS Monoblock Z alloys with diameters of 20 or 21 inches.

As for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, BRABUS offers a host of custom refinement options for the interior of the EQC 400 4MATIC that culminate in an especially exclusive BRABUS fine leather interior.

BRABUS Mercedes EQC 400 4MATICThe development engineers, electronics engineers and software specialists of the Bottrop-based company came up with a concept for the BRABUS PowerXtra ELECTRIC performance upgrade that is designed to become active when the driver selects drive mode “S” with the standard DYNAMIC SELECT switch.

In this case, peak torque right from the start increases from stock 760 Nm to 830 Nm (561 to 612 lb-ft). At the same time, peak output rises from 300 kW / 408 hp to 310 kW / 422 hp (402 to 416 hp). This results in significantly enhanced driving dynamics, which are reflected in the sprint time from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) being cut to just 4.9 seconds. The top speed remains limited to 180 km/h (112 mph).

When drive mode “E” is active in the Mercedes EQC, the BRABUS PowerXtra ELECTRIC upgrade offers “one pedal driving”, a feature often requested by drivers of electric vehicles. The SUV decelerates sharply when the driver just lifts off the accelerator pedal. This requires far less frequent use of the brakes in normal traffic and further increases the energy recovery rate.

While the BRABUS PowerXtra ELECTRIC is currently undergoing trials, the BRABUS Monoblock Z wheels with diameters of 20 or 21 inches for the EQC 400 4MATIC have already been independently safety-certified. The eCrossover can be refined with two variants of the sporty and elegant ten-spoke design available for this model.

BRABUS Mercedes EQC 400 4MATICThe 20-inch variant features alloys eight inches wide on the front axle, mounted with Pirelli P Zero tires of size 255/45 R 20. The rear axle runs on wheels nine and a half inches wide carrying size 285/40 R 20 tires.

The BRABUS Monoblock Z “PLATINUM EDITION” wheels with 21-inch diameter are even more exclusive still. As the result of being produced using a hi-tech forging process, these rims offer a perfect combination of lightweight construction and maximum strength. The front axle runs on size 9Jx21 wheels with ContiSportContact tires of size 255/40 R 21. The rear fender wells accommodate forged rims of size 10.5Jx21 with size 285/35 R 21 tires.

Both tailor-made BRABUS wheel/tire combinations greatly benefit the looks of the EQC 400. The BRABUS designers are already working on a range of aerodynamic-enhancement components for the five-door that makes the custom appearance even more striking. Available now is the BRABUS rear spoiler produced from PUR in OEM BRABUS Mercedes EQC 400 4MATICquality.

Another specialty of BRABUS is the design of exclusive options for the interior. There are countless possibilities here too for trimming this electric car entirely to the personal taste of its owner. The lineup ranges from BRABUS aluminum pedals and door-lock pins to scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logo in changing colors and a complete redesign of the cockpit.

The company upholstery shop also crafts exquisite BRABUS fine leather interiors for the Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC, which captivate with more than just their endless variety of colors and upholstery layouts.

Source: BRABUS

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