Advanced solutions for electrification will be presented by BorgWarner at IAA 2019

BorgWarner all'IAA 2019

From battery charging to advanced solutions to propulsion for electrification will be presented by BorgWarner at the 68th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt / Main.

Focusing on its latest portfolio of technologies for electrification, BorgWarner’s display – located in Hall 9.0, Booth B08 – will amplify this year’s IAA motto, “Driving Tomorrow.”

BorgWarner will demonstrate its components and systems competence for hybrid and electric vehicles, showcasing its complete portfolio of products for electrified mobility: electric motors, battery and transmission technology, power electronics and thermal management systems. Among the IAA exhibits will be the company’s latest battery packs, P2 hybrid modules and the eAxle iDM alongside the innovative eTurbo technology.

Mobility has never been as fascinating and diverse as it is today. The automotive industry is facing a lot of challenges for which BorgWarner offers a broad range of solutions including technologies for highly efficient combustion engines, various hybrid architectures and pure electric vehicle systems – said Frédéric Lissalde, President and Chief Executive Officer, BorgWarner. With our broad portfolio of leading technologies, we are able to meet the demands of this diverse market and support vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Component and System Supplier Expertise

At this year’s IAA, BorgWarner will demonstrate its leading edge systems designed for the switch to electric mobility with the latest addition to its product portfolio: compact battery packs for electric vehicles.

They feature standard cylindrical cells in compact designs for exceptional energy density. Together with proprietary thermal engineering and battery management that leads to breakthrough range and performance. Scalable designs enable faster go-to-market for customers with custom modules.

The company will also showcase its integrated drive module, iDM. This system solution combines specially developed power electronics with an electric motor and transmission technology in a single compact package. Other important system examples are the company’s on- and off-axis P2 hybrid modules which provide vehicle manufacturers with the flexibility to convert their existing combustion-powered vehicles to hybrid applications without having to change the motor or transmission. The 48V solution facilitates fast-to-market hybridization by enabling pure electric driving as well as hybrid functionalities such as stop/start and regenerative braking.

The eTurbo development being shown alongside these innovations, is a turbocharger with an e-machine motor-generator attached to the same single shaft as the turbine. When assist is needed, the e-machine spins up the turbo shaft providing an almost instant torque boost. However, when more turbine energy is generated from the exhaust flow than required, the e-machine harvests this into electrical energy.

As can be seen at IAA; BorgWarner has an extensive portfolio of solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles. In this way, the company supports its customers with the complete chain of products for electrified mobility – from charging to propulsion.

Source: BorgWarner

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