Akasol opens Europe’s largest production facility for commercial electric vehicle batteries

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Akasol invests €10m in semi-automated production plant, creating 150 new jobs

New 600 MWh German facility to produce batteries for 3000 buses a year

Langen plant to produce lithium-ion systems for 10,000 European electric buses

For immediate release: Thursday 16th November 2017

Source: Akasol

Langen, Germany. 16th november 2017. Akasol announces the opening of a new semi-automated production facility for high-performance lithium-ion battery systems for commercial vehicles. The eMobility pioneer and European market leader has invested €10 million into the new commercial plant at Langen, creating 150 new jobs for the Hesse region in coming months.

batterie Akasol

Akasol will begin serial production at the facility, which is now the largest production line for commercial vehicle battery systems in Europe. With a capacity of 600 MWh, the plant can produce high-performance battery systems for up to 3000 hybrid or electric vehicles or other large commercial vehicles each year.

batterie Akasol

The Langen plant will manufacture the company’s AKAsystem OEM for commercial vehicles, such as buses and trucks. As recently announced, Akasol will supply this lithium-ion system to two leading European bus manufacturers in contracts to build approximately 10,000 buses within the next few years. Akasol won the two contracts after an extensive process ensuring the highest automotive industry safety standards. The company is currently Europe’s only mass manufacturer to offer flexible solutions for battery sizes and chemistry while fulfilling all industry reliability and safety requirements.

Akasol currently also supplies technology and consulting to leading companies including VDL Bus & Coach, Alexander Dennis, Alstom, Bombardier and Bucher Municipal.

batterie Akasol
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Akasol Managing Director Sven Schulz said:

 “We’re proud to be opening what is now Europe’s largest production facility for battery systems for hybrid and electric commercial vehicles. And what better way to celebrate than starting series production of our AKAsystem OEM products that will power 10,000 hybrid and electric buses across Europe.”

 “Akasol prides itself on stringent safety testing and compliance and our €10 million investment for this semi-automated facility will help maintain the industry’s highest standards and create 150 new jobs for the region.”

 “As more cities across Europe choose zero-emission buses, we’re witnessing the European market for hybrid and electric buses growing by more than 35 percent each year. Cities are increasingly looking for bus leasing solutions to avoid higher investment costs, so finding the right supplier for battery systems is of strategic importance for bus manufacturers.”

 “We are the only mass manufacturing company offering flexibility for battery size and cell chemistry, while fulfilling all performance, reliability and security requirements for our clients.”



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