The Aspark SP600 prototype reaches a speed of 438.7 km/h

Il prototipo Aspark SP600 raggiunge 438,7 km/h di velocità

The Aspark SP600 electric hypercar built by Aspark and Manifattura Automobili Torino reaches the historic milestone with a speed of 438.7 km/h.

Thanks to a dedicated project run by Manifattura Automobili Torino, and with the technical support of Bridgestone, the Aspark SP600, driven by pro driver Marc Basseng, is now the fastest EV Hypercar in the world.

The Aspark SP600, with a top speed of 438.7kph achieved at Automotive Testing Papenburg, is a result driven by the vision of Aspark CEO, Masanori Yoshida, by the partnership among companies at the top of their industries, and by a team of passionate and dedicated professionals. 

Il prototipo Aspark SP600 raggiunge 438,7 km/h di velocitàAspark is not new to set the record of what is achievable so high: after having conceived and commissioned the Aspark Owl, the fastest accelerating electric Hypercar in the world, the Japanese company turned once more to Manifattura Automobili Torino (M.A.T.) for the development and manufacturing of a second outlandish project: a Hypercar able to break the world top speed record for EVs.

In order to break the top speed world record for an electric Hypercar, M.A.T looked for the perfect tyre partner and asked Bridgestone, a renowned global leader in the market, to develop a custom-engineered tyre not only capable of reaching over 420kph, but also able to handle the specific demands of the Aspark’s vehicle weight and driving dynamics.

Bridgestone responded with bespoke Potenza Race tyres for the SP600 – a unique fitment based on Bridgestone’s flagship ultra-high performance solution.

Il prototipo Aspark SP600 raggiunge 438,7 km/h di velocitàThe car, developed and manufactured at M.A.T. headquarters in Torino, Italy, has been going through a full set of virtual and physical tests, including a specific campaign of wind tunnel validation activities and several sessions of track testing. As development and engineering partner of Aspark in this feat, M.A.T. took care of the complete development of the vehicle, including but not limited to powertrain and software integration, suspensions and chassis design, software calibration and the complete design development and production of the bespoke battery.

Finally, on the 8th of June, during the second attempt of the day, conducted flawlessly by professional driver and Nurburgring 24h winner Marc Basseng, the car was able to hit a top speed of 438.7kph, measured using the certified Racelogic V-Box, a high-precision GPS-based measurement device provided by the ATP proving ground in Papenburg.

In previous attempts and tests, the car was able to pass consistently the 420kph speed mark, reaching first 420.8kph and 430kph before the final and most successful run.

Such an important day in the history of Automotive results was followed and supported by a great number of marketing and premium partners: among others, Supercar Owner Circle, which has been following and supporting the attempt from the first moment.

Il prototipo Aspark SP600 raggiunge 438,7 km/h di velocitàTop executives of the three companies were present at the moment of the record: Aspark CEO Masanori Yoshida, M.A.T. CEO Paolo Garella, and Bridgestone VP Steven De Bock.

Masanori Yoshida, Aspark CEO, Statement:

It has been about 10 years since we started making the OWL Hypercar. We aimed for the world’s Fastest Acceleration car, and then attempted and achieved the top speed world record today. This technical capability inspires all involved to personal excellence and to challenge and grow in leaps and bounds into the future.

Steven De Bock, Bridgestone VP EMEA Sales and Original Equipment, Statement:

It was a big excitement on this first attempt for the record, which we immediately saw the potential of the cooperation between the car and tyres.

The whole team at Bridgestone worked extremely hard to deliver this project in such a short period, another testimonial of our technical capabilities and how we cooperate with our partners.

Paolo Garella, M.A.T. CEO and Founder, Statement:

This record represents a Milestone in the continued growth of M.A.T., a company that today represents the best of the Italian tradition in the Automotive Industry. In 10 years, we have developed more than 11 full vehicle projects and we have demonstrated that with the right resources we are second to none. I am very proud of my team and also extremely happy to reach this Milestone in the anniversary of the 10 Years of foundation of M.A.T.

A special Thank You to ASPARK’s CEO Mr. Masanori Yoshida for his vision, support and trust in M.A.T. and to Bridgestone Team for taking on the challenge and supporting with their most advanced Technology this Record Attempt.

Source: Aspark e M.A.T. – Manifattura Automobili Torino

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