Alpine R&D Lab, the project incubator for innovative ideas

Alpine R&D Lab, l'incubatore di progetti per idee innovative

Alpine created the Alpine R&D Lab, new business unit that provides Alpine’s technical and human resources to fast-track development projects.

Providing their expertise and technologies for a positive environmental and human impact is the core of Alpine’s sustainability strategy.

With the contribution of all Alpine’s roadcars and motorsport engineering resources, Alpine is looking to the future and investing in this area to reach its long-term goals. The creation of this new division aims to promote Alpine’s expertise beyond the boundaries of motorsports and to establish the brand as a player on the new tech scene.

With the technical and human resources allocated to the projects, expert engineers will have the opportunity to collaborate with partners and innovate together, profiling new concrete solutions to current environmental and human challenges. Alpine R&D Lab partners will benefit from high-level engineering support to accelerate the development of their projects.

Innovation at the forefront

To successfully carry out its projects, the Alpine R&D Lab will target companies that share the Alpine values and have an entrepreneurial approach, using new technologies & innovation to meet the societal challenges of today and tomorrow. In keeping with this “Tech for good” spirit, the Alpine R&D Lab teams can interact with multiple companies, particularly in sustainable mobility, sport and health, and advanced robotics.

These projects will offer a mutual learning process and increase competence between Alpine and its partners, enabled through interactions at an advanced level of expertise.

A first innovative technical partnership with Aqualines

Serving new forms of mobility, Aqualines is a French start-up developing a new generation of ultra-fast maritime transport with a reduced carbon footprint “The Naviplanes”.

Considering contemporary environmental issues, the brand based in Bayonne (France) relies on the sea to enable high-speed travel thanks to ground effect technology. The expanse of the sea is becoming an underlying infrastructure and an extension of the territory.

Within the framework of this partnership, Alpine brings valuable expertise by accompanying Aqualines on aerodynamic tests.

Alpine R&D Lab and Aqualines are joining forces for a first ambitious partnership, which will lead their respective engineering teams to pursue and consolidate their research and development work on the aerodynamics of specific parts of this new generation of electrically propelled vehicles currently being developed by Aqualines. Through this partnership, the two companies are participating in a large-scale project that will be decisive in defining tomorrow’s green mobility with a global impact.

Source: Alpine

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