Compact high power charger for urban needs launched by ABB

ABB Terra 184 180 kW

Battery charger ABB Terra range add in the portfolio the new 180kW Terra 184, the most compact high-power charger with the highest power density on the market.

According to the UN, cities are responsible for more than 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions[1] and by 2050 are expected to be home to more than two thirds of the world’s population[2].

It is, therefore, vital that these rapidly expanding urban hubs take proactive steps to reduce their carbon emissions and e-mobility is a key factor in achieving this. But for e-mobility to be viable in high density cities, where time is short and space is at a premium, solutions must be developed which address these challenges.

ABB’s latest evolution in charging technology does just that. The Terra 184 charger, the latest member of ABB’s best-selling Terra family of chargers, is fast, compact, robust and provides the ability to charge up to three vehicles simultaneously[3], maximizing convenience for drivers and revenue for the charging operator.

With a charging power of 180kW, the Terra 184 can be used by vehicles of all sizes, be it latest or future generation private cars, buses or trucks. But unlike other high-power chargers, it comes with a footprint of less than 0.5m2, the same as the current Terra 54 model. Indeed, its innovative design means there is no need for separately installed power cabinets, offering the perfect fast and compact solution for cities with limited space.

Over the last decade, ABB has laid the foundation for the future of sustainable transportation. With our latest extension to the Terra range, we have delivered against the demands of today and tomorrow, both in terms of the needs of urban areas and of the electric vehicles which frequent their roads – said Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s global business for E-mobility Infrastructure Solutions.

The Terra 184 supports all the charging standards on the market, including CCS, CHAdeMO and AC, and caters to the needs of all batteries up to 920V. It is highly customizable with features including customized credit card payment terminal, screen and cables, which have also been designed at 8 meters for maximum charging convenience.

For added flexibility, operators of other Terra models such as the Terra 94 or 124, can in the future chose to upgrade their charging solution to the Terra 184 with the addition of extra power modules.

The Terra 184 will be available direct from ABB and via selected ABB distributors in Europe from July, North America from August and the rest of the world by the fourth quarter of this year. It offers a safe, smart and sustainable charging solution which supports ABB Electrification’s Mission to Zero, a vision for a zero-emission reality for all.

Source: ABB

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