Valmet Automotive is increasingly focusing on the fuel cell development

Valmet Automotive fuel cell

Valmet Automotive under the lead of its Business Line Engineering has established a Center of Competence Fuel Cell to accelerates fuel cell development.

On the product side, the Finnish company has high hopes for an in-house developed flat-membrane humidifier.

Our target is clearly set. We want to be one of the leading development service providers in the field of fuel cells – says Dr. Robert Hentschel, SVP Engineering Valmet Automotive.

For this it is indispensable to set the course for the time after today´s generation of battery electric vehicles. For example, Valmet Automotive has been involved with the fuel cell for more than three years.

Valmet Automotive fuel cell
Jochen Ludescher

In early 2019, the company joined the fuel cell cluster of Baden-Württemberg.

Internally the major step for Valmet Automotive has been in April 2019 the Center of Competence (CoC) Fuel Cell was founded to bundle the development work that has been spread over several engineering teams so far. Meanwhile, the Center of Competence headed by Jochen Ludescher has 25 employees.

The most promising product in the pipeline of current in-house developments is a flat-membrane humidifier.

The advantage of the in-house development is the very compact design. In contrast to the currently used hollow fibre membrane humidifiers, the design of the flat membrane humidifier by Valmet Automotive is much more compact with the same performance. This opens up very flexible application possibilities. Together with partners, Valmet Automotive now wants to bring the product to production maturity. The interest the company receives by the automotive industry is very high.

Source: Valmet Automotive Group

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