Dual Axis solar tracker Sun Flower solar generator for battery swapping stations

Inseguitore solare a doppio asse generatore solare Sun Flower per stazioni di cambio batterie

In China are now becaming popular solar powered swapping stations that have the nice shape of a Sunflower, like Dual Axis solar tracker Sun Flower.

These solar panels can generate over 12 kWh during the day and are available as off grid or on grid connection.

All the accessories like inverter, meter, MPPT, cables and sockets are included in the structure, so that is extremely easy to put them into service in everywhere and generate energy for various use but specially for the recharge of the lithium batteries of light electric vehicles like scooters, tricycle and quadricycle.

For this reason they can be spotted near the Metro stations around the Chinese metropolis.

The price for this peace of art generating energy is still quite high, compared with more traditional installation of solar car port but is expected that the price will drop consistently in the future when these generator of renewable energy will be mass produced.

The version off grid are at the moment the most expensive as they need a battery storage system (ESS) that is also hidden inside the standing pole .

All the structure is anchored to the ground trough a basement in concrete that can stand wind over 160 km/h. The Sunflower can also be folded and easily moved to another place as all the components are made to be movable. They are becaming now the symbol of the new energy revolution in China and hopefully all over the world.

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