The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrain Concept from FPT Industrial

CNH industrial N.V
FPT Industrial presso IAA Hannover 2018

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles Trade Fair in Hannover and as part of its strategy to provide a wide range of power sources, FPT Industrial’s R&D team show the fuel cell powertrain.

FPT Industrial is working on a project to develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology which in the long term could lead to a new zero emissions transport solution for heavy duty vehicles.

FPT Industrial, the powertrain brand of cnhindustrial N.V., believes that this Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology could be used in commercial vehicles to deliver zero Tank-to-Wheel and Well-to-Wheel emissions. Furthermore, it could play a significant role in the development of a virtuous cycle, where hydrogen is produced locally through renewable energy sources such as biomethane, wind or solar energy.

The aim of FPT Industrial’s R&D project is to explore the possibilities of using hydrogen as a zero emissions fuel alternative for the long-haul transport market while delivering the level of performance, autonomy, efficiency and reliability that this sector demands.

This concept has been designed with a carbon fibre, high-resistance fuel tank from which the hydrogen flows directly into the fuel cells to generate the electricity that powers a 400 kW engine.

It is this combination of electricity and fuel cells that creates a zero emissions vehicle and demonstrates that hydrogen is the next phase in the development of the use of natural gas in long-haul commercial vehicles requiring zero nitrogen oxides, zero particulate matter and zero CO2.

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