Fuel cell serial production started by  Blue World Technologies

La produzione in serie di celle a combustibile è iniziata da Blue World Technologies

Blue World Technologies started the serial production of its methanol fuel cells in the 8,500 m2 factory in Aalborg, Denmark.

The fuel cell factory, which initially has an annual production capacity of 250,000 individual fuel cells, is located in an industrial area at the Port of Aalborg in Denmark and the production capacity corresponds to a total output of 15 megawatts, which is expected to be expanded to 50 megawatts in the next few years.

La produzione in serie di celle a combustibile è iniziata da Blue World TechnologiesOver time, the production capacity can be expanded to 500 MW on the existing site. The fuel cells of the company will primarily be used for stationary power generation and within the maritime sector and are a climate-friendly alternative to conventional fossil-based combustion engines. The high electrical efficiency of the fuel cell systems will enable efficient use of e-fuels, such as methanol, that through power-to-x can be manufactured as a renewable fuel ensuring a net-zero operation.

When Blue World Technologies was founded in 2018 it was with a strong determination to industrialise the methanol fuel cells bringing the technology from laboratory production to large-scale production.

Over the course of the past four years, the company has developed new production processes and equipment and has established a state-of-the-art fuel cell factory securing in-house production of all core components of the fuel cell stack. Besides the production of the core fuel cell components; membrane, electrode, and separator plates, the factory holds the assembly of the MEA (membrane electrode assembly), fuel cell stack, and methanol-reformer as well as system assembly of fuel cell systems for stationary power generation.

Source: Blue World Technologies

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