Electric Motor News in TV in inglese

Electric Motor News in TV in inglese

1 feb, 2014

Dagli archivi di Electric Motor News

di Marcelo Padin

Direttore Editoriale Electric Motor News


Trezzo sull’Adda (MI).Italia. 30 gennaio 2014. Rovistando negli archivi di Electric Motor News prima dell’inizio delle nostre puntate televisive, abbiamo trovato alcuni clip in lingua inglese con delle interviste e particolarità tecniche riguardo i veicoli ecologici.

Non ci teniamo nulla per noi ed abbiamo deciso di pubblicarli nel nostro canale Youtube denominato “Motornewsenglish” e lo proponiamo anche nel nostro portale… Il video e la descrizione sono in lingua inglese.


equipments -- Electric Motor News n° 27 (2013)

Bosh offers different equipments to powered cars with CNG and in the video you can see how they function.



World Record in Norway -- Electric Motor News n° 27 (2013)

Nissan fixed a special world record on August 31st, when 128 and 1/2 Nissan Leaf took a part in the biggest electric vehicles meeting with the participation of 260 and 1/2 electric cars in Norway.

And why “half”? You can see it in the video.



Scrooser electric scooter -- Electric Motor News n° 27 (2013)

Scrooser is an electric scooter with special features that you can see in the video.



-- Electric Motor News n° 27 (2013)

Volkswagen unveiled an electric version of the model Up!. This is the first serial production car of Volkswagen.



Nissan at Ceatec -- Electric Motor News n° 29 (2013)

Nissan shows the model Leaf at CEATEC and in the video you can see the Nissan CEO during a test and his words about this system.



Volvo and the research in nanotechnologies -- Electric Motor News n° 30 (2013)

Volvo’s research project about structural carbon fibre and energy storage system.

Speaks Mr. , inventor of some of these technologies.



Citroen -- Electric Motor News n° 31 (2013)

Hybrid Air is an innovative full hybrid solution from PSA Peugeot -- Citroen Group. In the viedo you can see the application in Citroen models powered by petrol combustion engine, stop&start alternator/starter, hydraulic motor, automatic gearbox, compressed air storage unit and hydraulic fluid accumulator.



-- Electric Motor News n° 34 (2013)

A system that allow to use the e-bike full connected in every moment through the smart phone.



BMW SGL Plant Manager -- Electric Motor News n° 37 (2013)

Steve Swanson, Plant Manager BMW SGL at Moses Lake speaks about production process of BMW i3 materials.



Cerberus at EICMA 2013 -- Electric Motor News n° 37 (2013)

Interview to Mr. Ping Zhao from Wangye City Power Co. Ltd. from China with a translation of Mrs. Aimee Chen. They speak about the news products unveiled at EICMA 2013 and about the deep relationship with Italian Company Cerberus.


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